Plant Necromancy

Before I went to Ireland in the Summer I managed to give most of my plants to friends to take care of. Unfortunately the person who was meant to take custody of my spring onions and avocado tree didn’t turn up so I had to leave them to die in the sun.

I noticed when I got back that one of them still had a green bulb under all the straw so I lazily decided to put off uprooting the rest for a while only to discover they were nowhere near as dead as I thought.


So I continued to leave them, with regular watering, and more of them resurrected themselves than not.


The moral of the story is that often your plants are not as dead as you think. The avocado tree still has no leaves but the stem is also still green so I’m waiting and seeing.



Spring Onions


I’m quite proud of these. At some point I decided to try regrowing vegetables from scrap ends and this is one of the results. If you want to try this for yourself all you need to do is put the cut ends in water for a few days until they sprout new green shoots and then transfer them to a pot. You can actually see how some of the ones in the image are splitting into two plants!