Pasta Fazool

It may be obvious from reading my blog that I really like pulses, especially white beans, and that I think they go in everything. I actually have several dozen variations on this recipe but I’m posting the one I made earlier tonight because I think its one of the best.

One small leek
one sweet red pepper
six cloves of garlic (preferably smoked)
one packet of lardons
one jar of passata
one can of white beans
two measures of vegetable stock
handful of pasta
oregano, basil and thyme to taste

Dice the leek, garlic and pepper finely and fry them until the leek starts to caramalise. Then add the lardons and brown. Once you’ve done that add the liquid, the beans and the herbs and let simmer for fifteen minutes (or longer if you want the liquid to reduce more) before adding the pasta. This serves two to three people and is very thick and savory. As always, if you’re a vegetarian you can just remove the bacon and it will taste just fine.


Italian-Chinese fusion white bean soup

This should serve two, more if you pad it out with more pasta and extra vegetables. I think broccoli and finely diced carrots would make a good addition to this, as would chicken if you want it to add meat.


Two measures of vegetable stock

One large piece of ginger

Six garlic cloves

Four spring onions 

One spoon salt chilis (optional)

About 15g of coriander leaf

One whole red pepper or half a sweet red pointed pepper

One can of white beans

Olive oil

Soy Sauce 

Pasta (I chose spaghetti)


Dice the spring onion, garlic, ginger and the red pepper and fry them in olive oil at a medium heat with the salt chilies (you can substitute any chili you like if you don’t have them, or leave them out if you prefer milder flavours) until they start to caramalise. Then add two fully diluted measures of vegetable stock and bring to the boil before adding the coriander leaf, can of white beans and soy sauce to taste. Let the beans simmer for ten minutes or longer if you feel the broth needs longer to infuse and then add the pasta, I chose spaghetti which gives the broth a further twelve minutes to infuse. Its a wonderful, gingery, coriander based broth that I think would make a great cold cure.