Chocolate Ginger Cookies

I’m supposed to be working on my book but what this actually means is that I forgot to eat all day and ended up desperately craving sugar while shakey with low blood sugar, and clearly in no fit state to go to the shops.

Fortunately while my mum was here she bought me a frozen shepherds pie because she knows I do this, so actual food was sorted out. I really, really needed cake though. But that wasn’t happening. What was within my power to make however, were cookies.

It turns out that if you leave vanilla essence in the cupboard too long past its use by it will turn into alcohol. I do not think I should put this in my cookies so it went in the bin.

What I did have was a packet of dark chocolate chips Tesco’s gave me for free a while ago because of the great British bake off and a lot of ginger because I can’t actually take sinus medicine so drinking ginger tea is the only relief I have (curse you pollen). I actually think these cookies were better for not having vanilla essence but feel free to include it if you want (its your mouth).


8 oz of plain flour

2 oz of sugar (I used white because its what I had but brown or a mix might be better)

4 oz of saltless butter

1 medium egg

Entire pack of dark chocolate chips (don’t judge me)

A large thumb of ginger


Mix together the flour and sugar and leave the butter out to warm while you whisk the egg and grate the ginger. Grate it as finely as you can, though getting it off the grater is a pain, and do it over the bowl so the juice flows in. Once you’ve mixed everything together bake it for 180 C for half an hour. These are actually amazing, and I’m not just saying that because I really really wanted them.


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