The Botanical Gardens Again

My family are up for the Easter weekend and because the sun was out we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens today. Mum was excited because we thought the Rhododendrons would be out already, but most of them haven’t bloomed yet. Only the red ones have, though I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or something specific about the breed.


One of the ones that has.

We passed through the Chinese Hillside Garden on our way to the Scottish Heath Garden, and the bright, thin spring light meant I couldn’t resist taking this photo.


We found the Rock Garden first, which has a lot of plants from New Zealand and some really dramatic landscaping.




The Scottish Heath Garden is meant to be representative of the Scottish countryside, containing a selection of native plants and a faux abandoned croft.

20160325_153726 (1)

I’m not actually sure which section of the gardens we were in at this point, but we found a pond full of really cute little toads swimming about and their spawn. We also learned a new thing (the teenager and I), which is how to tell frog and toad-spawn apart. Toad-spawn forms clumps while frog-spawn appears in strings.



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