The Village of Crammond

About half an hour away from Edinburgh is the lovely little village of Crammond and Crammond Island.



You can walk out to the island over a causeway but we decided to head in the other direction instead, where there are Roman and Mesolithic forts, the Crammond falls and also lunch!


We ate in the Gallery Cafe Bistro where they served absolutely fantastic Cullen Skink and hot cheese scones, as well as some of the best lemon drizzle cake I’ve had. Plus its really interesting looking inside with the incredibly thick walls of period building coupled with murals and fairy lights.


Only a little past the cafe you’ll find the mesolithic fort set into the trees, and when you cross over it you’ll find the Roman fort by the kirk yard.


The kirk itself has a really interesting graveyard. I’m particularly interested in learning what the carvings on this stone mean, so if anyone knows please let me know!


Then finally there’s the falls, which eventually lead out into the bay. Crammond is beautiful, and really popular for dog walking too (so if you’re looking to pet other people’s dogs definitely go there – I got to play with someone else’s pug!).







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