Hadrian’s Wall and Birdoswald.

It been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been so busy lately. Among other things my grandparents visited, and they decided that we were going to go on a coach trip to see Hadrian’s Wall and Birdoswald. We have visited them before, back when my grandfather was still willing to drive long distances, but they’ve only just discovered the low cost coach trips that you can take from here and decided to test them out on an old favorite.

We went with the company Rabbie’s Tours, which, despite requiring I be awake at an ungodly hour of the morning for a Saturday (which to be fair is a requirement of tours in general, not sadism on their part), was all around excellent. We were given a short history of each area as we drove through it (I think my favorite fact was learning that border houses didn’t have doors or windows on the ground floor to better keep the raiders out), and stopped frequently for pictures.

The first real stop was at Jedburgh for quick a cup up tea and a look at the ruins of the Augustinian Abbey.


Then it was on towards Hadrian’s Wall and Birdoswald.




Birdoswald has quite a good museum and extensive excavations of the fort as well as some interesting reconstructions of houses and parts of the fort. It also provides a lovely environment for a walk with dramatic views of the hills, a small wood and a stream.Yes, the following two pictures were taken on the same day as the rest. Welcome to being North of Bristol, where you can get any weather at any moment all year round.



Birdoswald is also quite a good place to bring children because its got a lot of child focused learning set ups, like the mock Roman houses and temple by the stream. The temple has a Latin inscription on the portico dedicating the temple to the Nymphs, and the grandparents and I had one of those moments when we were trying to translate it where you realise its been a long time since you’ve studied Latin.


Of course no cross border trip would be complete without at least one picture like this:



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