Haggis Ravioli

If you’ve ever visited Scotland you’ll know that we tend to combine Haggis with other food up here in all sorts of unholy ways in an attempt to sell more things to tourists. Occasionally however you find a haggis hybrid that’s actually really good, like haggis pakora, and tonight I decided to try the haggis ravioli in tomato sauce offered by Ciao Roma. I thought it would be the sort of dish you’d find interesting but not bother with again but I was completely wrong! Something about the sweetness and texture of the haggis combines perfectly with the firm pasta and the spicy tomato sauce and I think its my new favorite dish to have at this restaurant.

They also make an ice cream out of Sea Buckthorn which is bright orange and tastes a lot like citrus but with aftertastes of iodine and salt that I recommend at least trying. Their ice cream is amazing, and has won the category at the Royal Highland Show several years running.


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