The Jewish Quater and too many Photographs.

After a very late lunch we decided to walk to the Jewish Quater and I took a lot of photographs on the way. Its a very long walk from St. Mark’s Square and you can take a vaporetto, so if you want to pack in as many land marks and museums as possible that might be a better way to do it but we enjoyed seeing as much of the city on foot as we could.

20140719_174029 20140719_174302_003 20140719_192804 20140719_194224

20140719_194307             20140719_172633          20140719_172226


Its possible to take a tour of the Jewish Quater’s Synagogue’s, something I’ve done before and is well worth doing, though we arrived too late to do anything but walk around the area. The Quater is still inhabited but there’s an emphasis on historical preservation and memorialising the historic population, especially the Second World War dead, and the end result is a vibrant living community enmeshed with its history. The street signs are dual language Hebrew and Italian (see below).


After that we headed down to the waterfront where we found an excellent bar called Parlament (yes spelled like that) which had multiple variations on the Aperol spritz. My favorite became the Ape which came flavourwise somewhere between Aperol and Campari. We ended up coming back to the hotel quite late, just in time to see the fireworks of the Fiesta del Redentore, an annual celebration marking the end of the plague in the eighteenth century. We got a good view of them from our hotel window but those with a less well placed hotel would traditionally head down to St. Mark’s Square where many decorated boats are strung together to form a viewing platform.


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