Last day in Venice, first in Florence

We liked the Chiccetti so much we decided to have it again for brunch on our last day. As we weren’t going to be passing back the same way this time I decided to photograph this:


20140720_114153This is a street corner shine, something you often find in Italy but that I haven’t seen elsewhere. They replaced the pre-Christian shrines to the city Lares that were found on each street corner in Italian cities once the conversion to Christianity was underway. This particular shrine is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and connected to a nearby church, as such shrines often are.

Something that surprised and delighted me about Venice is that every ice cream shop also doubles as a bar and off license. The same is true of the various fruit stands found around the city and so, when sent off to buy water bottles from one for our train journey while Kali sorted out the tickets I decided that it would be a shame to leave Venice without having bellini’s and bought us one each in alcopop form to have on the train. The girls were less impressed by this and pronounced them artificial tasting, which they were, but the novelty amused me enough I enjoyed mine anyway.

Italian trains are actually very nice and inexpensive, and they run on time! So after a much pleasanter journey then British Rail had led me to expect we arrived in Florence and made our way to the Hotel Celesti. This hotel was amazing. It was the least expensive place we stayed on our entire trip and our room looked like this






We also had an absolutely huge bathroom. I think this would be a great place to come for a romantic weekend considering how nice the rooms are and the city in question.

We went out to a restaurant and tried some of the local dishes. The beef was amazing (and I’m not really a meat eater), as were the fried zucchini flowers and the baked peaches. You can get these dishes all over Florence and I advise trying them if you visit it at some point. We stopped for granite on the way (and I love how slush puppies are a legitimate grown up drink in Italy) and took this photograph of the sun setting over the bridge.



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