Hot and Sour Soup

This is a great cold cure because it works to alleviate the systems and boost the immune system at once. Its also really delicious.


For the Broth:


Two measures stock (I prefer vegetable, chicken is traditional)

Six spring onions

Two inches of ginger

Six cloves of garlic

Two tablespoons of soy sauce

Two tablespoons of rice vinegar

Chili, black pepper and white pepper to taste

One stalk of lemongrass (optional)

One tea spoon five spice or two whole star anise (optional)


For the Body:

Chicken, pork, eggs, bamboo shoots, shitaki mushrooms, white mushrooms, bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage, rice noodles,


Dice the garlic and spring onions small and cut the ginger into strips before adding them to the stock, then add the other seasonings and simmer until the flavours have melded. While adding the chili and peppers to taste remember that this is supposed to be a spicy soup so add as much as you can tolerate. This is delicious as a broth to be eaten alongside a meal or if you can’t stomach solid food when ill but if you want a more hearty meal from it you can add any of the ingredients listed under for the body. Slice the meat and vegetables into fine strips and beat the egg as you add it to the soup to get fine ribbons all through it.


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