Vegetable stock

I’ve been thinking about making my own for a while and today I have a fridge full of vegetables and a work from home commission, so the perfect opportunity to make something that requires long cooking times. I’ve been reading up on the various ways to do it and this is my take.

two stalks of soup celery (leaves and all)

two brown onions

two medium sized carrots

the stalks and leaves off a cauliflower

two bay leaves

two large smoked garlic cloves

olive oil


The carrots, onions and celery are essential of course, being the mirepoix, the aromatic flavour base for most Western food. The cauliflower stalks are in there because I happen to have a cauliflower in my fridge and one of the things I like about the idea of home made stock is you can use up parts of the vegetable you wouldn’t otherwise eat. A lot of people add tomatoes and or mushrooms but I’m not doing that because frankly it seems wasteful, though I imagine that does build a more complex flavour. I’m also not adding any herbs or spices other than the bay because I want to be able to use this stock in any dish and specific herbs will limit that.

I chopped the ingredients roughly and fried them in olive oil, skins and all as leaving the skin on adds extra flavour, in order to get a lovely caramalised flavour to the stock (this is called brown stock, to make white stock you literally just put the vegetables in the pot and boil them) and then covered them with water and set it to boil for an hour and a half. We shall see if this works for me!

Edit: It did not. I don’t know what I did wrong but it was mouth curdlingly bitter and not much else.


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